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8. After the interview

A. Review your interview

Although you will be mentally tired, it is always best to try to review your interview and identify sections that you can improve on in the future.

If this is a first interview with another interview to follow then prepare once more for expected scenarios such as panel interviews. These tend to be more subjective and different in format between companies. Thus we cannot cover this within the context of advice provided.

B. The Job Offer

Hopefully, you will receive a confirmation of the job offer and your way to a new start in your career. In this case Congratulations!

On your acceptance of the offer and receipt of written confirmation, you have completed your objective.

We hope the information and services of has been of assistance to you.

C. The possible setback

Should you get bad news or a setback don't take it personally. You must be determined to continue with the other opportunities that you have identified. So take a quick break, regain yourself, and the next job could be just round the corner.