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How to Search for Jobs.

To search for jobs goto the main search page

Type in your keywords that you are searching for, this might be for example "Java", or ".NET"

Type in the location of were you are searching a job for, this might for example be "London" or "Manchester".

If there are several keywords or location you can select the option to match on all the keywords and location or alternatively you may select to match on any of the keywords or location.

 Industry / Area
Select the industry or area you are searching the job for, there are over 25 different industry areas that we cover, if you think your area involves several industries then press and hold the control key on your keyboard and select for multiple areas, alternatively you can select the first option and just "select all areas".

 Type of Work
Select the type of work you wish to look for, ie if your looking for only contract work then select "contract" otherwise select "permanent", if you are looking for both then select the first option "Search All Types".

Select the number of days that have passed since the job was posted, the options are Today, Yesterday, 2,3,4,7,14 and 30 days.

Select whether you just want to search jobs advertised through recruitment agencies or jobs directly posted by prospective employers.