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2. The job search

There are many ways of searching for that perfect job. Some can be more affective than others dependent on the market you are looking for. Here we run through the main traditional approaches you can take and how can accelerate your job search and entry into your new job.

Magazines (trade)

Many trade magazines carry job advertisements. These can be a good source when considering specialist job areas.

Magazines (associations/institutes)

Whether you are an accountant, solicitor, marketing executive, consultant or electrician your association will have a monthly magazine that carries specific jobs for your market area.

National Newspapers

Most of the national newspapers have particular job sections on certain days of the week. By knowing which day you can target the purchase of the papers and carry out your search.

Local Newspapers

These will carry more localised job vacancies. You are more likely to find smaller companies advertising in your local as well as some larger ones. Smaller companies will not be able to afford a large national posting and would also be looking for local staff.

Private Employment agencies

There are many specialist employment agencies that provide consultancy and job search facilities on your behalf. You usually pay no fee but an introduction fee is charged to your new employer once you join.

Job Centres

The provision of literature as well as job vacancies can make job centres a good source for local jobs. For general jobs to managerial jobs, (depending on your area) many positions will be available. However, you will not be looking for high-level executive jobs.

Cold Contacting

Cold contact vacancies can be obtained by calling or writing to companies that you have pin pointed as being suited to your skills set. You will need to write a speculative letter and decide who to send it to. This approach requires a lot of time and effort as well as providing many set backs. You must be motivated and determined to succeed in this method. With this method you will have the opportunity to capture jobs before they are advertised or are available.


Use your personal contacts to search out for jobs positions in their organisations. You will be able to have your resume delivered direct to the recruiting individuals as soon as vacancies arise. Inform your friends and family of what you are looking for. This also gives you the opportunity to locate jobs that are not usually advertised outside the organisations.

The approach

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