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Research Scientist

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh is seeking a Research Scientist for the laboratory of Dr.

Christian Fernandez at the Center for Pharmacogenetics in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The individual will work in the field of leukemia regarding drug-induced immune responses to antileukemic agents and the development of novel targeted therapies.

Research will focus on identifying therapeutic strategies to prevent immune-mediated adverse drug reactions and to determine their effect on in vivo efficacy.

The primary responsibilities for this position include mentoring junior trainees, developing murine model of leukemia and immune-mediated drug toxicity, performing in vivo pharmacology studies (e.g., PK/PD and drug efficacy analyses), and performing mechanistic studies towards the development of targeted therapies to improve the pharmacotherapy of leukemias.

Broad experience in immunologic techniques (e.g.

flow cytometry), biochemical techniques (e.g.

protein immunoblotting/co-immunoprecipitation, SDS-PAGE, ELISA), RNA/DNA extractions, RT-PCR, cell culture, transduction/transfection methods, and mouse models is preferred.

PhD or ScD and 2-3 years experience.

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