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U2 ISR MPC Weather Forecaster - 17958

Huntington Ingalls Industries - Mission Driven Innovative Solutions Inc. provides mission-critical engineering and technical service to Information Technology, Federal Civilian, and National Security, Aerospace & Defense and International government and commercial customers at over 100 locations worldwide.

HII-MDIS is currently seeking a Weather Forecaster to support the U-2 Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Mission Planning Cell (MPC) program and work out of Beale Air Force Base, California with potential travel to other continental United States (CONUS) or overseas (OCONUS) locations as directed by the 99^th Reconnaissance Squadron Commander (99 RS/CC).

The U2 ISR MPC Weather Forecaster shall provide analytical, advisory, technical expertise and analysis to U-2 MPC and 99 RS activities.

The MPC Weather Forecaster shall provide detailed weather support in support of 24/7/365 MPC operations.

The Weather Forecaster shall also assist in the development and integration of relevant weather data into advanced systems and technologies.

The Weather Forecaster shall integrate all weather environmental data from a variety of sources to assess current and forecast weather environment in order to issue weather products, alert bulletins, and forecasts an anomaly assessment.

The Weather Forecaster shall perform quick-look and forensic assessments to determine the potential for weather impacts to operations.

The Weather Forecaster shall ensure the quality and timeliness of the production process utilizing data/product monitoring tools and assessing the impact to products due to missing or erroneous data.

This includes validating and verifying weather models, products, and SOPs.

Additionally, the Weather Forecaster shall ensure the quality (timeliness, accuracy) of responses to customer questions/requests for information.

The Weather Forecaster shall provide scientific expertise and assistance 99 RS/CC and MPCC.

This includes acting as a subject matter expert during Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E).

The Weather Forecaster shall review and perform scientific studies, on the accuracy, applicability and validity of operational weather support and emerging capabilities (tools, data, models, equipment) as it relates to U-2 flight operations.

Duties and Responsibilities (to include but not be limited to the following):

* Provide detailed weather support in support of 24/7/365 MPC operations.

* When planning, ensure all electronic technical data, regulations, and instructions are current on all electronic systems and physical storage locations.

* Provide analytical, advisory, and technical support to 99 RS/CC and MPCC.

* Assist MPC project management efforts as directed by the 99 RS/CC and MPCC to improve MPC integration into the ISR value chain as well as national command, combat, and communication architectures.

* Assist in the development and integration of the MPC program into new and existing Air Force guidanc...

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