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Tactical Air Environment Subject Matter Expert - 17939

HII – Mission Driven Innovative Solutions Inc.

(HII-MDIS) provides mission-critical engineering and technical service to Information Technology, Federal Civilian, and National Security, Aerospace & Defense and International government and commercial customers at over 100 locations worldwide.

HII - MDIS is currently seeking a Tactical Air Environment Subject Matter Expert (SME) to work out of the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) in Orlando, FL.

The primary objective of the task is to carry out an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) of the Joint requirements and capabilities for Tactical Air (TACAIR) Synthetic Training.

The AoA shall be in accordance with AF/A5R - Office of Aerospace Studies AoA Handbook.

The purpose of this AoA is to help decision-makers understand the trade space for new materiel solutions to satisfy an operational capability need, while providing the analytic basis for performance attributes documented in follow-on JCIDS documents.

The results should enable decision makers to discuss the appropriate cost, schedule, performance, and risk tradeoffs and assess the operational capabilities and affordability of the alternatives assessed in the study.

It should also provide recommended changes, as needed, to validated capability requirements that appear unachievable or undesirable from a cost, schedule, performance, or risk point of view.

This AoA provides the analytic basis for performance parameters documented in the appropriate requirements documents.

The AOA will assess Joint requirements and capabilities for Tactical Air (TACAIR) Synthetic Training.

TACAIR includes Joint fighter and bomber platforms conducting Counterair, Countersea, and Counterland missions supported by C2ISR; specific vignettes will be defined in the study plan.

Synthetic focus is will include training systems/simulators, computer generated forces, white force, scenario development tools, assessment tools, network and event management, common architectures, and other environment generators.

Duties and Responsibilities (to include but not be limited to the following):

* Examine technologies and material concepts and define the baseline and alternatives to be analyzed

* Identify relevant threats to capabilities addressed and select appropriate analysis scenarios

* Develop operational concept and employment concepts associated with alternatives in the operational context associated with the capability gaps and requirements

* Plan and conduct the effectiveness analysis and assist in the comparison analysis to include the cost-capability analysis.

* Conduct baseline and alternatives risk assessments and comparison analysis to include the cost-capability analysis

Qualifications and Experience:

Required –

* Must be familiar with and experienced in JCIDS processes and deliverable formats related to an Analysis of Alternatives, as well as the associated coordination required for each product.

* Ability to en...

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