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Corrections Nurse (RN or LPN) - Full-time, Day Shift

Reports to the Jail Health Services Manager.  In conjunction with and under the general supervision of the physician, renders professional nursing services to the facility inmates/detainees and staff.  Assesses nursing needs, plans and implements care in conjunction with the physician, and evaluates care given to all persons.  Conducts health related in-services and maintains all medical records in an accurate and confidential manner.
1.         Renders professional nursing services to facility inmates/ detainees, and staff and plans and implements care in conjunction with the physician by:

* Assesses the health status and needs of inmates/detainees; providing ongoing assessment as inmate needs and condition requires.

* Reviewing all medical screening forms and consulting the physician for any medical treatments or medications needed.

* Using professional judgment in treating inmates/detainees, modifying treatment plans to meet individual needs, and contacting the physician as appropriate.

* Administering first aid, administering medications and treatments as prescribed by the physician, or arranging for transportation to Med Point or Memorial Hospital Emergency Department as indicated.

* Responding to all written medical requests in a timely and professional manner.

* Reporting any mental or medical problems to the physician and interviewing all persons as needed to determine past and current problems and making referrals as appropriate.

* Notifying the physician of any patients with medical or mental conditions, pregnancy, or dental condition which may require a follow-up referral.

* Assuring strict compliance with regulations and company policies and procedures.

* Arranging for physician rounds and implementing orders received.

* Arranging for consultation, x-ray referrals or lab work, and drawing and obtaining cultures or other specimens as needed and as qualified to perform.

* Approving and coordinating all special dietary needs with the kitchen; distributing diet list on a daily basis, if needed.

* Responding to all emergencies while on duty and maintaining responsibility for "first responder" duties in such a situation.

* Conducting health related in-services and education programs for facility patients and staff.

* Maintaining medical records in an accurate and confidential manner and releasing medical information as described in the Release of Medical Information policy.

1.         Requires knowledge of and competency in performing independent nursing care procedures, physical and psychosocial assessments, treatments, and diagnostic studies in the correctional setting.
2.         Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills necessary to establish and maintain effective relationships with facility administrative staff, officers, physicians, inmates/detainees, and other persons contacted in the community as resources and referrals.
3.         Requires the analytical ability to gather and interpret data to solve problems that are complex in nature.
4.         Demonstrates the ability to communicate both verbally and in writing in a clear and concise manner in order to report appropriate job related information needed by other health care providers, patients, and families.
5.         Requires ability to maintain skills validations as required and evidence of physical health and maintenance of health information.
6.         Demonstrates a high degree of professionalism at all times.
7.         Demonstrates strong interpersonal and communication skills (both verbal and written) necessary to interact effectively with patients, visitors, and co-workers in a professional, courteous, friendly manner in order to maintain positive working relationships and project a positive image that is consistent with Memorial Staffing guest-relations standards.
8.         Demonstrates knowledge of and a commitment to Memorial Health System’s mission and values; and the organization’s goal of providing world class service by following Memorial’s Performance Essentials.
9.         Requires the physical ability and stamina (i.e.

to remain on feet and walk for long periods of time, to lift or pull patients or supplies, to provide CPR, etc.) to perform the essential functions of the position.


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