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Regional Trainer & Transition Specialist (Bellevue, WA)

Scope of Responsibilities:

* Deliver professional skills training courses to team members.

Promote and deliver both on-site and webinar-based instruction.

* Must maintain in-depth knowledge of all Mission Rock Residential, LLC systems and programs that are performed at a site level.

* Effectively present in a clear, concise manner, demonstrating functionality of systems.

Effectively troubleshoot questions and issues to meet each individual team member’s needs.

* Construct and communicate all training documentation, including training agenda, training reports with class attendance and training issues, training recaps, Help Desk tickets, and other training communication.

Responsible for maintaining a current digital and hard-copy of all training programs, including visual aids and other materials for in-house training.

* Engage and participate with Training team including working with new team members, mentoring & coaching new members, and participating in team meetings.

* Analyze leasing performance and correct potential issues through coordinated training.

* Adheres to all company policies, procedures and business ethics and ensures that they are communicated and implemented as appropriate for this position.

* Performs the Transition Specialist function on an ad-hoc basis; setting up systems and programs for a new property acquisition into the Mission Rock Residential portfolio.

Transition Specialists serve as the initial point of contact for a new team to ensure they are set up for success.

Duties include but are not limited to:
+ The onboarding and initial training of team members.
+ Review all contents of the Transition Box for that property.
+ Understand and train on policies and procedures, including A/P, A/R, move-in and move-out processes, marketing outreach efforts, reporting, petty cash and other procedures.
+ Initiate set-up for marketing platforms.
+ Confirm the office is set up to MRR standards.
+ Prepare HR paperwork for all new team members and ensure they take the required classes in the specified time period.
+ Ensure that each team member has the appropriate uniform and/or are wearing appropriate attire.
+ Review the property maintenance notebooks.
+ Review all property advertising.
+ Confirm all leases and corresponding paperwork are completed and input into the Yardi system.
+ Ensure current resident files are appropriately maintained.
+ Develop an Outreach Marketing Program.

* Provide professional support to training and development projects.

* Participate in development and enhancement review sessions to continue development as a subject matter expert.

* Revise and assist in the development of new professional skills training courses based on training needs.

* Continuously improve compliance training programs.

Constantly evaluate the training...

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