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Lead Audit Specialist II

Position Summary


Internal Audit’s mission is to provide independent and objective assurance and advisory services guided by a philosophy of adding value to improve the operations of Guardian, its subsidiaries, and affiliated entities.  Internal Audit assists the company in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and internal control, while furthering staff development and providing career growth opportunities.

Under the direction of an Audit Management staff member, this position functions as a working audit project manager, fully responsible for planning, executing, communicating issues and progress, and reporting audit results, individually and, on occasion, within a team.  This job is predominately focused on performing high quality, value-add, assurance services that identify, evaluate and report on complex business risks and controls in accordance with the Institute of Internal Auditors Standards and established methodologies.  This position contributes to the enterprise risk management framework through effective planning, executing and reporting on audit projects, through which the individual will identify meaningful issues about the design and effectiveness of controls, and make recommendations to improve the control environment. 
Candidate Responsibilities 

* Lead and execute moderately complex assurance projects in accordance with established methodologies and professional standards.  This includes:
+ developing an understanding of management’s business objectives and processes.
+ using data analysis skills.
+ using well developed data collection skills to acquire an understanding of the process, risks, and controls.
+ creating flowcharts and process maps to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of management's control design in addressing associated risks and identifying control gaps or potential improvements.
+ under limited supervision, preparing planning memos, including fraud as a consideration, to set audit scope and objectives.
+ under limited supervision, formulating and executing audit procedures that test key controls.
+ under limited supervision, preparing communications covering issues and progress.
+ lead project related meetings and discussions.
+ obtaining management input on solutions.
+ under limited supervision, writing value-added audit conclusions, presenting findings to both Internal Audit and business management, to proactively manage risk.
+ preparing clear, concise, high quality audit reports and other audit documents that comply with the department’s methodology, and communicate relevant issues and effective, value-added recommendations.
+ managing work so that projects are completed on time and within budget.

* Demonstrate influencing skills whe...

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