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Greater Naples YMCA President/CEO

greater naples ymca


Position: President/Chief Executive Officer


Address: 5450 YMCA Rd., Naples FL 34109


The Greater Naples Y is an equal opportunity employer

committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion.


The Greater Naples Y Board of Directors is actively seeking a visionary, charismatic leader who will create a culture of excellence within and outside the Y.

The next leader will build strong relationships in the communities and skillfully position this Y as an indispensable community asset while ensuring its internal operations are running efficiency.

The new leader must create sustainable operations and programs to serve communities that are not currently utilizing the Y.


The Chief Executive Officer will lead the Greater Naples Y and will be uniquely positioned to champion the Y mission of providing a myriad of values-based programs and services for families throughout the area.


To be considered, candidates must have a solid business acumen, sound judgment, and exceptional leadership skills.


Key Deliverables for this role:

* Establish and Implement a Strategic Plan:  Implement, manage, and apply a strategic plan for the organization as a new plan is needed to deal with multitude of changes from growth to operations to fund raising.

* Improve Operating Performance: Partner with the board to identify issues and develop an annual tactical plan for achieving key YMCA goals and objectives to solve them.

Remain fully informed of all operational issues and be able to quickly address issues that arise as well as forecast future needs.

Manage and direct the Y’s operations and activities.

* Develop and Manage an Effective Staff Team:  Remain actively engaged in staff/leadership development while establishing an inclusive culture using a “team-focused” management style.  Lead by example to create and maintain a culture of integrity.

Be a mentor and guide post to all in the organization and the community while still being able to make necessary, but difficult decisions.

* Create a Culture of Excellence/Act as an Ambassador for the Mission:  Actively interact and communicate with Y members, donors, and staff and volunteers.  Create a culture of excellence within the Y and act as an ambassador for the mission and vision for the Y within the community.  Be seen and respected as a leader in the community, proactively creating collaborations while always upholding the values of the Y and the Y’s heritage.

* Fiscal Management: Ensure the Y’s financial resources are properly managed and report on its financial position.

Use high level financial analysis to forecast trends, growth and stability while consistently leading the Y to balance or surplus operations by growing earned revenue and contributions and controlling costs.

Build an endowment to sustain the long term goals of the Y.

Empower and gui...

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