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This job has been posted for more than 30 working days and has expired.

Store Clerk / Cashier

* Receive payments for product sold- whether by cash, check, credit cards, or automatic debits

* Issue receipts to customers for products bought; make necessary refunds, credits, or change to customers

* Provide assistance to customers by making available information on products, and their benefits

* Resolve customer complaints

* Maintaining interpersonal relationships with the public, especially customers

* Ensure safe keeping of periodic balance sheets of numbers of transactions and respective amounts

* Keep records of transaction totals

* Develop and maintain non-monetary records and reports

* Ascertain the amount of cash in cash drawer at the start of every shift

* Assist customers by providing information and resolving their complaints

* Greet customers as they enter the store premises and also as they step out.

* Ensure that the checkout area is clean and in order at all times

* Stock shelves in the store and include price tags on each item on the shelve

* Assist customers/clients in moving out their items purchased at completion of transactions

* provide on-the-job training when asked to

* Compute every transaction

* Good customer service skills

* Basic math skills: The cashier must have a fair knowledge of basic calculations

* Excellent communication skills: This position involves interaction with the public and as such requires the ability to communicate orally and in writing

* Self-motivated with the ability to follow directions

* Ability to get tasks done with little or no supervision

* Ability to operate cash register and work with numbers

* Highly energetic; as the job would occasionally require lifting of object of average weight

* Ability to pay attention to details

* IT skills: The convenience store cashier should have the ability to operate the computer system and other necessary IT gadgets