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Regulatory Operations Manager ( Florida Region)


The Regulatory Operations Manager (ROM) assists Concorde Career Colleges’ (CCC) institutions and programs comply with federal, state, accrediting agency, corporate, and campus regulations, standards, criteria, and policies.  In addition, the ROM assists in preparation of the campus for regulatory reviews and site visits and also the preparation of applications, reports, and official communications sent to regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies.

The ROM also serves as the primary resource for providing research and guidance to the campus on the correlation between campus operations and regulatory matters.

This position will be based in our Florida Region.


* Monitor operations of all departments/functions of the campuses to ensure adherence to federal, state, accrediting agency, corporate, and campus policies.

* Review all program revision applications and new program applications prior to submission to ensure quality and adherence to CCC standards and regulatory agencies.

* Review school websites and publications, including (but not limited to) enrollment agreements and catalogs to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Ensure information provided on websites and in published documents is accurate and consistent wherever available (whether on the campus, its website, or other location).

* Develop and maintain relationships with regulatory agencies and industry associations impacting the campuses in their oversight

* Ensure each campus’ regulatory library is current, complete, and accurate.

* Assist each campus to maintain institutional and programmatic accreditations and appropriate licenses, including the review of annual, interim, and progress reports and applications for completeness, accuracy, and quality.

* Champion the institutional accreditation process for each campus by ensuring the timelywell-written, compliant, and accurate self-studies and applications; preparing campuses prior to accreditor visits through both remote and on-site assessment methods; providing on-site support during the visit; ensuring timely completion of all required post-visit responses and reviewing responses for completeness, accuracy, and quality; working with the campuses to develop and ensure implementation of needed corrective actions as identified by the outcomes of site visits.

* As applicable, partner in responsibility for programmatic accreditation activities, including (but not limited to) the following: reviewing self-studies and applications for compliance, accuracy, and quality; assisting with the preparation of the program prior to accreditor visits through both remote and on-site assessment methods; ensuring the timely completion of all responses required after the site visit and reviewing such responses for quality, completeness, and accuracy; and conducting any needed follow-up reviews.

* Actively participate in campus management team meetings pertaining...

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