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Process Engineer - Bakery Fats

Position Purpose & Summary:
The main purpose of the Process Engineer - Bakery Fats position is to significantly improve the business’ ability and speed to capture value from Customer Focus Innovation (CFI) and High Performance Innovation (HPI) projects and initiatives, focusing in the Bakery Space.  The incumbent in this position will have proven skills in product formulation, fat crystallization, texturization, tempering, scaling of new products and standardization or optimization of existing product, project management and training / development.  

Principal Accountabilities:

• Work in partnership with Plant Operations (Refining and Packaging) R&D, Product &Process Development (P&PD)and FSQR teams to develop solutions when issues arise at customers’ end with our products application performance.
• Work closely with sales and commercial team members to provide solutions to our customers.
• Coordinate activities with Plant Operations teams across locations to develop and execute solutions in refinery and packaging departments to resolve customer complaint issues.
• Work with customers, often at their facilities, to troubleshoot product application issues.
• Use continuous improvement framework to develop and execute solutions in the plants while resolving to customer issues.
• Primary point of contact for R&D, P&PD teams to coordinate plant and line trials for products in the Bakery category.
• Development of customer solutions based on finish product reformulation, pilot plant results and application processes.
• Identifying and maintaining customer focus and the link between the business strategy and financial measures
• Training Operations team members on running new products on shortening lines, developing troubleshooting guides and operating standards for products that we run.
• Working with warehousing operations to optimize tempering, warehousing and transportation of bakery fats to provide best in class solutions to our customers. 

• Integrating technology, operations, maintenance and regulatory input into the engineering and design process of new products.
• Confirming the sufficiency of the technology deliverables for providing the necessary basis for engineering design 
• Identification, evaluation and management of engineering risk through all phases.
• Development of functional work plans and integration of these into the Integrated Project Plan 
• Alignment of the functional scope with project objectives, measurement and reporting of functional outcomes versus plan.
• Identification, evaluation and management of key process and product risks through all phases
• Working with R&D and PPD teams to run trials in pilot plants, working with sales and commercial teams to run trials at our customer’s facilities.

• Partners with the business and stakeholders to s...

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