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Physicist/Mechanical Engineer position in HP Labs

The Print Adjacencies and 3D lab at HP Laboratories in Palo Alto, California, is seeking an outstanding innovative physicist or mechanical engineer to join its elite R&D team working on breakthrough technologies including a new card display technology and next generation printing platforms.

The new engineer would work with a team of leading engineers which includes physicists, mechanical engineers, material science engineers, chemists and software engineers to impact HP’s business and products through fundaments research and applied science.

The job involves fundamental understanding of complex imaging and printing systems, designing, fabricating, and testing of complex platforms, robots, and tools.

The applicant will plan and conduct experiments to diagnose and improve press operation and to test alternative subsystem designs.

Innovate in a broad range of technical areas to solve multidisciplinary problems, addressing issues which involve materials properties, chemistry, physics, thermal design, fluid flow, and control systems.

Use current computer-aided design and simulation tools.

Job Qualifications:

* Demonstrated ability to define and implement innovative research experiments, focused so that they enable breakthroughs in engineering practice.

* Demonstrated ability to invent and design involving multidisciplinary approaches is highly desirable.

* Deep knowledge in physics, mechanical engineering, materials properties, thermal design, control and embedded systems, and programing.

* Strong theoretical and experimental background.

* Highly self-motivated individual with conscientious work habits, articulate, and able to collaborate effectively with other members of the project team.

* A few years of experience in a similar R&D environment is highly desirable but not mandatory.

Fresh, extremely bright graduates will also be considered.

* This position is open for an outstanding Ph.D.

in Physics or Mechanical Engineering.

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