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Shuttle Driver - Hilton Phoenix Chandler

The award winning Hilton Phoenix Chandler is looking for a part time Shuttle Driver.

At the Hilton Phoenix Chandler, we pride ourselves on being hospitable, working with others and always having fun.

In the seven years of operation, we have won four Connie Awards for 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (ranking us the #1 Hilton in the brand) as well as two Brand Excellence Awards in 2011 and 2015.

These awards are granted to the Hiltons in the America’s with the highest cleanliness and condition scores, as well as customer satisfaction scores.

Texas Western Hospitality flies only the best flags, builds only the best hotels and employs only the best of managers.

This simple, yet proven strategy has allowed us to deliver exceptional results to all of our stakeholders; investment partners, owners, associates and customers alike.

We are looking for individuals who are flexible, adaptable, and moldable; that want to grow within the hospitality industry.

A Shuttle Driver assists guests by providing transportation, carrying baggage, disseminating information about the hotel and/or van destination, and coordinating certain aspects of guests’ arrivals and departures in order to maximize guest satisfaction.

Must have current/valid drivers license.

* Assists incoming and outgoing guests loading baggage into the van at the hotel, the airport, or other destination.

* Transports guests to and from airport or other guest requested locations.

Drives and parks safely and according to hotel driving policies.

* Keeps all necessary licenses and driving record documents in car at all times.

* Ensures passengers take proper safety precautions and remain seated while driving.

* Reports accidents and/or vehicle damage immediately to supervisor.

* Explains and promotes hotel services, facilities and outlets and becomes informed and knowledgeable of upcoming events/functions in the hotel and in the surrounding area (including times, dates, and costs).

Is very familiar with the surrounding area and local streets.

* Keeps the van’s interior clean, organized, and fresh-smelling for the passengers’ comfort.

* Ensures the hotel’s entrance and drive-up areas are always presentable and free from trash, food, etc.

* Provides guests with local directions in a courteous and accurate manner as requested.

* Oversees the arrival of guest packages.

Ensures they are all logged and delivered to the guest in a timely manner.

* Ensures baggage is secured and tagged at guest request to store baggage.

* May occasionally transport luggage, items, or other goods to or from the airport, hotel, or other location without passengers present in order to provide guest services.

* Responds quickly to guest requests or complaints in a friendly manner and ensures appropriate action is taken.

Reports necessary complaints and issues to proper management.

Follows up to ensure guest satisfaction.

* Provides a professional image ...

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