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Intern - Graphic Design



The internship program at HealthStream will enable you to grow personally and professionally by providing you with real-world experience in one of the top healthcare IT companies in the United States.

In the HealthStream Intern Program (HIP) you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in a collaborative environment.

  By participating in HIP you will gain real world design experience while working with a 28-team marketing department whose purpose is to build HealthStream’s business and brand.


As a Graphic Design Intern, you will assist in the creation of a wide-range of corporate collateral and promotional materials, participate in weekly meetings, and assist with “quick-turn” projects.


Roles and Responsibilities:

* Participate as an active team member within the marketing department

* Create new corporate collateral and promotional materials including:
+ Product profiles
+ White papers
+ Discovery papers
+ Customer spotlights
+ Web banner ads
+ Tradeshow collateral
+ Marketing and sales promotions



* Proficient in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

* Working knowledge of all Microsoft Office products

* Desired but not required knowledge of HTML, Keynote, Prezi

* Energy for working in a collaborative environment

* Close attention to detail and well organized

* Ability to work up to 30 hours per week for 26 weeks


* Accountability - Taking responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences that result from those actions.

* Communication & Positive Presence - Listening attentively and respectfully; expressing thoughts and ideas effectively and concisely—both verbally and in writing.

Exhibiting a pleasant attitude.

* Collaboration - Cooperating and working effectively with others in the pursuit of common goals.

* Critical Thinking - Using sound judgment, logic, and common sense to identify efficient and effective ways of approaching problems or new initiatives.

* Adaptability - Being flexible and continuing to function effectively during times of change.

* Continuous Improvement - Keeping an open mind; seeking new ideas and ways of doing things in order to streamline processes and increase client/customer satisfaction.

* Planning & Organizing - Appropriately prioritizing activities, scheduling time, and utilizing resources in order to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

* Work Ethic - Setting high standards for one’s work; taking care to ensure all aspects of work are completed accurately.

* Customer Service - Treating clients/customers with a high level of respect and taking action in order to meet or exceed expectations and resolve problems.







Please refer to the job description for details.

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