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Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator


The Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator must have knowledge of the surgical technology field and the clinical application of the classroom knowledge.

The Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator must have problem solving skills with critical thinking as a major component of his/her ability.

Organization and time management skills are required.

The knowledge of and skill with computer applications have become an essential component of performing the duties required of the Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator.

*     Managing the instructors, educational activities of the program, and all classes both day and evening.

*     Adherence to applicable accreditation commission standards or agencies regulations, the school policies and procedures, and the department’s curricula.

*     Monitor student progress, conduct student orientations and advise students throughout the program.

*     Assist with on-going review and development of curricula in the department and make suggestions per policy.


* Must be designated a CST or CST/CFA.

* Associates Degree Required

* Two years experience as an educator in an ARC-ST approved faculty.

* Minimum of three years clinical experience in Surgical Technology.

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