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Winemaker - NPD

Job Description

Position Summary

The New products Winemaker supports line extensions, new wine development projects and wine related research projects which result in the creation of new or improved wine products.

Uses wine profiles designed by the sensory department; applies knowledge and expertise and works alongside production winemakers to execute the production of new wines for the portfolio


* Work with winemaking colleagues and management to develop new wines in support of branded business requirements.

* Partner with production winemaking and wine & grape supply teams to ensure the feasibility of scaling-up wines as part of the development process

* Partner with grape/wine management to determine a cost target for NPD project.

* Sources tank samples from the various winery locations.

* Set up tastings to screen and select wines; develop, formulate and test new wine products.

* Collaborate with winemaking teams, sensory, and marketing to develop new wine styles

* Create prototypes for evaluation by winemaking management

* Identifies aromas and flavors in wines; recommends treatments to capture the desired end profile.

* Organizes and participates in wine tastings; work together with winemakers to attain wine flavor profiles which meet sensory and marketing needs.

* Maintains confidentiality to proprietary information, processes, and wine/product formulations.

* Applies TTB regulatory standards as it pertains to developing new wines.

* Ensures appropriate record keeping for legal compliance with Federal and State regulations relating to all winemaking activities.

* Participates in department and interdepartmental planning and management teams; works cross -functionally to develop and implement new wine products on schedule and within prescribed budget.

* Monitors and helps ensure goal achievements, objectives, and the successful completion of project timelines.

* Can recommend opportunities for growth and improvement and assists in guidance of the development of the individual wine style targets for new brands and products.

* Responsible for understanding and complying with applicable quality, environmental and safety regulatory considerations.

Minimum Qualifications

* Master’s degree or Bachelor's degree in Enology, Winemaking, Viticulture or Fermentation Science, plus 7 years of enology or winemaking experience OR Masters or Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biological Engineering or Chemical Engineering, plus 8 years Enology or Winemaking experience with increasing levels of responsibility.

* Experience crafting wines from multiple grape varietals to achieve a variety of styles at many different price points.

* Required to possess the vision necessary to judge wine color.

* Skilled in the use of MS Word and Excel at a basic level.

* Skilled in reading, analyzing and interpr...