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This job has been posted for more than 30 working days and has expired.

Head of Executive Communications & Positioning



The leader of the Executive Communications & Positioning Team will be responsible for developing a comprehensive approach for how we use Cargill’s executives to tell the company’s story, engage our stakeholders and advance our shared objectives.  Recognizing that executives are one of our most powerful communications resources, the leader of this team will work closely with subject matter experts from across Corporate Affairs (CA) to identify internal and external forums that will have the greatest impact on our business and CA goals.  In addition, this role will oversee all aspects of presentation execution, including content development, approvals, and executive coaching.




20%   Manage executive support strategically and for maximum impact

o Synthesize and prioritize those business objectives that can be advanced most effectively using the voice of our Executive Team with both internal and external audiences.

o With those priorities as a filter, identify highest impact speaking engagements, with an eye on short-, medium- and long-term opportunities.  Where necessary, develop relationships with forum organizers to secure placement on top-shelf podiums.

Make daily yes/no decisions on reactive opportunities based on key criteria.

o Work closely with executives to shape speaking portfolios that reflect their areas of expertise, passion and alliances, and create efficiencies in who we deploy against which topics.

o Assess alternatives to in-person speaking engagements (e.g., Facebook Live, Twitter Chat) to maximize executive impact.


50%   Develop compelling content that engages/influences stakeholders, and positions Cargill as a bold thought leader

o Develop core narratives and stump content that can be used as building blocks for variety of purposes and audiences.

o Using audience profiles and stakeholder analytics, develop customized approaches for how Cargill executives will engage in a given forum.

o Work hand-in-hand with policy and other subject matter experts from across CA and the company to determine objectives, relevant policy positions, key messages and risks to be managed.

o Distill complex content into plain-spoken narratives that engage audiences through use of story-telling, videos, info graphics and other devices to inform and persuade.

Leverage content created for other channels and audiences.

o Conduct internal and external research to assess trends, identify information that can make a point in a new or surprising way, and provide examples to illustrate a point.

o Learn the voices and speaking styles of our Executive Team to provide support that sets them up for success based on their individual preferences and strengths.

10%   Provide effective coaching and build capabilities among our leadership

o Recommend approach and resources for building leadership presentation capabilities, including ongoing skill development

o Conduct ...