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Editor - SFGATE

SFGATE, the buzzy and breaking news web site of the San Francisco Chronicle and one of the largest news and entertainment websites in the nation, is looking for a Content Editor to take its stories to new levels.

SFGATE, covering all things imaginable through the lens of the San Francisco Bay Area has dramatically increased its story production, and is looking for the perfect digital native editor with impeccable grammar and storytelling skills, knowledge of journalistic ethics, and strong news judgment to join its growing operation at 5th and Mission.

SFGATE is both an aggregator and a publisher and is nimble in terms of what content and packaging creates the most audience engagement.

The Content Editor should be able to work in the same environment – expert in social promotion and online headline writing, an SEO-savy data junkie, and an incredible editor who can coach, cajole, critique and lead.  We should add that there are at least 3 errors in the above paragraphs.  We trust you found them if you apply.

SFGATE’s general assignment producers each create anywhere from 3 to 8 stories daily, told in digital form with photos, video, and interactives.

Collaborating at the direction of the Content Director and the Deputy Managing Editor, reporting to the Executive Producer, your job would be to take the lead on crafting the high-profile centerpiece stories while assisting with the regular firehose of shorter form and aggregated content. 


What you will do

* Edit our brand-defining stories for voice, angle, grammar, style, storytelling, consistency and facts; proper metadata and SEO potential and packaging for monetization.

This includes managing headlines and abstracts for SEO keywords, click-through, creativity, and accuracy, while upholding the highest standards of journalistic ethics and balance

* Review stories and direct efforts to deliver quality coverage

* Articulate and inspire excellence from a talented staff

* Remain calm under pressure and communicate effectively under deadlines, breaking news, changing news and competing priorities

You should understand the ROI of every moment spent on content, while also guarding and loving our mission to….

“provide a 360-degree view of San Francisco, wildly reflective of right now.

Provocative, energetic and unapologetic, the Gate is in constant conversation with the world's most eclectic city.”

What will it take to be successful?

* At least 5 years’ digital experience editing and producing content 

* 2 years’ management experience that includes a collegial and encouraging management style that fosters budding talent and challenges veteran employees

* Ability to appreciate and work strategically with both the Chronicle and SFGATE in a bifurcated subscription/free paradigm

* in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco Bay Area and the issues and topics that resonate here

* Undergraduate degree in journalism or equivalent newsroo...

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